Diffuse those curls!

When it comes to my curls, I air dry about 40% of the time and the other 60% I use a hair dryer and diffuser. I air dry when I have the time, but I don’t typically leave the house until my hair is completely dry so I don’t always have time to do that. On the days that I’m in a hurry, out comes the diffuser. Drying my hair with that usually takes about 15 minutes.

My hands down favorite dryer/diffuser combo is the Jinri Infrared Ionic Salon Professional Hair Dryer. Of course I got if off of Amazon. I did a bunch of research on the best hair dryers for curly hair. After comparisons, I thought this was the best bang for the buck. It’s $49.99. It comes with a few nozzle attachments but I only use the diffuser.

I love that it’s not super loud. I haven’t woken my husband up yet. 😉 It dries my hair more quickly than any dryer I’ve owned in the past. I love that the diffuser doesn’t break up the curl clumps or push so much air that they lose their shape & placement.

It definitely keeps the frizz to a minimum. I think the ions help with that, and the infrared heat helps dry it faster without sucking out the moisture. I’ve had the dryer for over a year and wouldn’t dream of replacing it!

Definitely the best dryer I’ve ever had. How do you dry your curls? Are you a fan of plopping, air drying, or using a diffuser?

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