Less Shedding

I went looking for my usual shampoo & conditioner but Target was out of it. However, they had the new Hers collection. It’s supposed to be good for hair loss and thinning hair so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I’ve used the combo for almost two weeks. First off, freaking love the smell of the shampoo. It’s a rose scent & I’d probably buy it just for the smell alone. I like how it leaves my hair feeling, but could use a bit more moisture cause of my curls.

The conditioner is nice & thick. It smells like black currants. It’s smells great but I’d rather it smell like the shampoo. The conditioner is moisturizing, but I have to be careful of the amount I use because it can weigh down my thin hair.

I was pleasantly surprised with the duo. I had about the same amount of shedding as I did with my current thinning hair shampoo & conditioner. The system worked well with my curls. I didn’t experience any extra frizz or dryness with my curls. I like the way my hair air dryer and was happy with the results when I used a diffuser as well.

I’ll continue using their products and will probably try their supplements and minoxidil treatment too! What products do you use for thinning hair? How do you treat your strands?

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