My new, cozy uniform!

Thanks to Target, I’ve found my WFH fall uniform! I’m always cold so I think this outfit will keep my toasty while I’m doing my Zoom meetings & conference calls!

Love the tunic length! And this sucker has pockets! That way I won’t lose my phone.

This sweatshirt is the perfect weight…not too heavy so I won’t roast when I have a hot flash. It’s a great tunic length so I covers my butt. And I’m down for anything that has pockets!!! They keep my hands warm and I don’t lose my phone. Extremely important to have my phone with me at all times especially during the work day. It fits true to size. I got a large but recommend going up a size if you want it a little slouchy.

Fits true to size & once again – pockets!!!!

These joggers aren’t too baggy, but they’re roomy enough to be super comfy. Again, not super heavy so I won’t be miserable when the hot flashes attack. Love the cuff on a jogger cause it keeps me from tripping and makes me feel a little more polished. Again, fits TTS. Go up one size if you want a slouchier fit.

They may look a little funny but are super comfy!!

Love, love, love these!! They keep my feet warm and toasty & are super comfy. No one sees my feet anyway so it doesn’t matter that these are puffy & super casual. Also, they have a sturdy sole so I can wear them when I let the dog out or take out the trash. Well, I can watch my husband take out the trash. 😉

Love that this outfit comes in at under $75. I know I’ll get a ton of wear out of these items. I know the pants and slippers will get plenty of rotation with my sweaters from the Nordstrom sale. The tunic will do double duty with jeans and leggings. Love pieces that are versatile!!

What’s your go to WFH uniform? Keep it simple or dress it up? Separates or matching pieces?

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