Not only for the ladies!

Anyone watch 9-1-1 Lone Star? Saw it last night for the first time. Rob Lowe’s shameless product plugs cracked me up, but it got me thinking. Most men truly don’t take care of their skin. I’m lucky because my husband does. And for those of you who’ve met us, you know he looks younger than me even though he’s almost 10 years older. Crazy, right??? Good thing I love him or I’d have to hurt him. 😉

I’m not sure how he stumbled upon Baxter of California, but he uses their products regularly ( I wish I could take credit but I really think it was all him. He uses their shampoo, face wash, body bar, shave cream, and shave tonic.

Up first, their Daily Fortifying Shampoo. I like that it doesn’t have a strong scent. It keeps his short hair soft and his scalp clean & oil free. Must be nice to only need one hair product! 😏

Their Daily Face Wash comes next. Again, not scented and pretty gentle. I’ve used it in a pinch when I’ve run out of my own. It’s not drying and doesn’t feel like I’m putting a ton of chemicals on my skin. Reminds me of my Drunk Elephant Beste Cleanser.

Probably my favorite thing he uses is their Exfoliating Body Bar. I love the way it smells!! I love when he grabs a quick shower before bed & climbs in smelling of this soap. It’s masculine without being overpowering. The exfoliation keeps his skin soft too. This soap always ends up in his stocking at Christmas.

He also uses their Shave cream as well. When he shaves he used an old fashioned razor. This creams keeps him from cutting himself and helps him get a super close shave. I’d say it’s a bit moisturizing too as his skin is always soft after he’s done shaving.

This past Christmas I got him the Shave Tonic. He says it’s helped with razor burn on his neck. It has a light, fresh scent and keeps his skin soft.

He recently started using their Deodorant as well. He thinks it works as well as any he’s owned in the past, and I like that it’s aluminum free; making it a safer choice. I say it works well cause he never smells!

While these products are little on the expensive side, although much cheaper than any women’s products I have, I think they’re totally worth the splurge. His skin looks great and he smells wonderful. Maybe your man wouldn’t purchase any of these products for himself, but they make great gifts when you’re not sure what to get him. We all deserve a little pampering during these crazy times!!

How does your man take care of his skin? Soap and water or a full blown beauty routine?

PS – I might have to go check out Rob Lowe’s products for him. They may be this years stocking stuffers. 😎

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