I know this isn’t a subject we normally talk about, let alone discuss openly but I have to share my favorites!! I’ve tried everything from expensive brands to grabbing the cheapest pair at Target. Hands down favorite for underwear…Love by the Gap!!

They have the softest cotton, they last forever and they’re super comfy. What more could a girl want?? They have cute styles and prints too. I usually get their stretch cotton & lace thongs and their breathe bikini briefs.

Super cute right? Perfect for when you don’t want panty lines. And bonus – they’re on sale right now for $4.99 (select colors).

Love the thongs with dress pants so I don’t have a panty line. They’re super comfortable! They don’t ride up into unwanted places and they aren’t so low cut that they hang off my butt either.

So freaking soft and on sale for $7.

These are the softest underwear I own!! I have them in a ton of colors. They’re perfect with jeans, to sleep in…pretty much anything! I love that they don’t come too high up and they don’t give you a wedgie. They are light and breathable…perfect for the last of these hot summer days!!

These two styles handle whatever I need! What’s your favorite underwear? Favorite style? Do you match your bra and underwear? I never do.

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