Blend it baby!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve used everything to blend my foundation. I’ve had regular makeup sponges, a Beauty Blender, a regular foundation brush, my fingers…you get the picture. I’ll stick with one thing for awhile and then move on to something new, but not this time. I’ve found my favorite tool!!! It’s the Mary Kay Blending Brush.

Available from Mary Kay.

The brush head is super soft. The bristles are densely packed so it blends beautifully without leaving any streaks. It also requires you to use less product because it’s so good at blending. Seriously I use half of the amount I did before. Can you say money saver???

And did I mention it’s only $16? You totally make back the cost with the amount of money you’re saving on product. As I said, I use it for foundation but I’m sure it would work well to blend in cream blush or work in your concealer.

If you’re looking to get one, hit up my Mary Kay rep, Connie Fuksa. You can get her at or check her out on Facebook at Mary Kay with Connie. 😎

How do you put on foundation? Love it or hate? Stick to the same routine or change it up frequently?

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