Don’t mess up a good thing!

Now that my eyebrows are on fleek (does anyone still say that? 🤪), I need to maintain them! I loved my results from microblading, so I want to keep them well groomed. I have three tools that I use regularly.

First up, the Feather Flamingo Facial Razor. An award winning drag queen introduced these to me over 6 years ago. Game changer!!!! I use the razor to shave away unwanted hairs. It helps me shape above and below the brow with ease. Side benny – it’s faster and less painful than plucking!!

They come in packs of three on for under $15. I keep one at home and one in my travel bag.

Another similar tool is the Tinkle Eyebrow Razor. This is the one Carey, my microblading guru, swears by. She used it on me but I haven’t tried it myself. Looks like a good alternative to the Flamingo.

Also available on I think these are under $7.

I use Revlon Expert Tweezers too. Sometimes you just gotta pluck a few of the more stubborn hairs. I have both slant and round tip versions. What can I say? I like options. 😊

Available almost everywhere and range from $5-$7.

And finally, I have to have eyebrow scissors. Yes, Virginia, there are eyebrow scissors. My eyebrow hairs get super long and are curly just like my hair, so sometimes they need a good trim. I love my pair of Sephora Eyebrow Trimmers. The slant and finger holes makes it much easier to use and control.

I removed the comb to just use the blades. The comb was too cumbersome for me. These are under $20.

I think Tweezerman also makes a pair and Anastasia of Beverly Hills as some straight ones too. I haven’t tried either as I love mine.

These tools help me keep the brows looking good. The only other thing I occasionally add into the mix is a clear brow gel to keep them in place. I love Sephora Collection Eyebrow Gel in clear. Quick tip – so I don’t get too much and make the brows look cakey, I swipe the wand through a tissue before applying. 😉

$12 at Sephora stores or

How do you tame your brows? Do you wax or pluck? Take care of them yourself or leave it to the professionals??

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