What’s in your wallet?

I don’t have a Capital One card, but I can say my phone is in my wallet. I have a zippered wallet phone case. Best ducking thing ever!!!! I can grab my phone and go, because like most of you, I keep a better eye on my phone than my kids. 🤪

I hate carrying a ton of stuff so this case is perfect. I had been using the rubber stick on wallets that I picked up for free at different conferences. While they were convenient, the slot would stretch and cards would fall out, and I can’t say I loved walking around as a billboard – but it was free. 😝 I was onsite with a client and a friend of mine whipped out her phone. She had this great case with a leather card carrier attached. You know how I work…had to have it!! She told me it was from Amazon, so off I went. This sucker was going to be waiting for me when I got home!

I found Lameeku cases on Amazon and found the one she had. Uh oh, it only holds 3 cards. No bueno! I need at least 4. I searched the rest of their cases and found a winner – Lameeku Leather Zippered Wallet Case. It holds 6 cards easily and cash too (if I ever carried that 😉). It’s my jam!

I got this exact one but they have colors too.

It holds everything I need and has held up well. It’s also kept my screen from cracking when I’ve dropped my phone. I’ve recommended this case to friends and they love it too.

Lately I’ve seen the ads for a new wallet case on Facebook and Instagram. I’m sort of tempted to check it out. It’s the Caseco Sunset Blvd Magnetic wallet. It holds a little more and the phone easily comes off. Should I cheat on my favorite case to try it??

Of course I’d go black again, but they have more color options.

Should I do it? What type of phone case do you like? Do you go for color or black?

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