Slowly but Surely Update

Started Week 6 of this getting healthy journey this past Monday. I’m happy to say I’m down over 8 pounds. The weight is staring to come off a little slower, but the important part is that it’s still coming off. That helps to keep me motivated!

Non-scale victories help too! I can wear my favorite jeans with no muffin top!! How ducking exciting is that??? I never thought that would happen!! I’m enjoying wearing actual clothes again. I’m coming for you size 10!!

I’m also sleeping so much better. One I think it’s cause I’m exhausted from the exercise. Two it’s helped to calm some of my anxiety, and three, I just feel better. Heartburn isn’t waking me up in the middle of the night anymore.

Because I feel calmer, I more patient as well. I think my family is most excited about about this side benny. I don’t snap as much at them so life is much more enjoyable even when I’ve had a trying day at work.

I feel stronger. Some of the exercises I struggled with in the beginning are getting easier. It’s nice to feel stronger and not have to modify the moves as much. I have to remember it doesn’t get easier, I get stronger. I think that’s a BeachBody quote.

And finally, I feel a sense of accomplishment for sticking with it this long. Usually I would have given up three weeks ago! My family has been great at encouraging me and even working out with me. My husband started tracking his calories too. We’re super competitive so that makes it more fun.

I’m looking forward to see what the next 6 weeks have in store!!! How do you stay motivated? What’s better for motivating you, scale or non-scale victories? What are your stay healthy tips?

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