Splurge vs Save: Eye Cream Edition

I love trying new products whether it’s for my face or hair, but I don’t like how much it costs to keep trying things. My hubby doesn’t like it either – just ask him. 😉 I figured I share some of my splurge worthy items and a great cheaper version as well to help save you some time & money.

Up first is eye cream. I’ve used an eye cream since my late twenties. I squint all the time so I don’t want a bunch a crows feet. For the past approximately 10 years I go back and forth between two creams – Lancôme Absolue Revitalizing Eye Cream and Burt’s Bees Eye Cream with Royal Jelly.

The Lancôme Absolue is approximately $96 but it lasts me for at least 6 months because I don’t need to use a ton. It’s my favorite I cream because it takes care of lines and puffiness. Those are my two biggest problems. I really noticed a different in the skin around my eyes about 3 days after incorporating it into my routine. It keep the skin super hydrated and feels great going on. It’s not greasy and doesn’t cause my makeup to slip or crease. I usually pick it up when Lancôme has a really great gift with purchase or some sort of discount going. Like I said a jar lasts me quite awhile so I can afford to wait.

Burt’s Bees Cream is approximately $17.99 depending on where you buy it. I usually get it at either Target or directly on Burt’s Bees site. My mom used to work for Estée Lauder and swears by anything with royal jelly in it. And she should know cause her skin is still beautiful. I love the texture of this cream. It’s light but hydrating and doesn’t cause makeup mishaps. It doesn’t a great job keeping the skin nourished so there are less wrinkles and my puffiness stays under control. It’s a great product especially at the price point!!

No matter which cream I use, I apply it the same way. I dab a bit on my ringer finger, tap the two ring fingers to evenly distribute, and then dab under & around my eye working up to over my eyebrow. I don’t use a ton of pressure and try not to drag my finger across the skin.

What eye cream do you like? Do you look for help with wrinkles, dark circles or puffiness? Is price point a factor in your decision?

2 thoughts on “Splurge vs Save: Eye Cream Edition

  1. I like to have a wrinkle-fighting retinol eye cream at night, and then I’ll try to fight my dark circles in the daytime with something brightening 😛 Price for sure plays into it for me; I prefer to spend less than $50 if I can! And it can’t be too heavy or greasy! The one from Burt’s Bees sounds like a lovely option ^_^

    -I can’t use retinol – my skin is too sensitive. I love the idea of switching up between day & night. XO, Tipsy Curls

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