Burn Baby Burn

I love burning scented candles. I burn them while I’m working, in the evenings when we’re binge watching tv, or just cause. I love them! Just like my perfume I switch up my candles based on the weather and season. 🕯

During spring and summer, my favorite candles come from Capri Blue (capri-blue.com). The absolute best scent is Aloha Orchid. The first time I ever smelled this one was the weekend of my wedding in Charleston. So it always reminds me of a wonderful weekend when I smell it. The candle has jasmine, gardenia and orchid of course. It’s just beautiful! I also get their Volcano scent. It’s made up of tropical flowers and citrus. It’s another awesome scent that’s nice & fresh for spring. I also have the Capri Blue reed diffusers in just about every room. That way I still get the scent when I don’t want any candles burning. 🌸🌺

As the weather gets colder I switch up to fall scents. For these, I always go to Bath & Body Works (bathandbodyworks.com). My favorite is Marshmallow Fireside – not too sweet with the hint of burning wood. It has marshmallow, wood, amber and vanilla in it. They have two new scents this fall that I have to try – Pumpkin Snickerdoodle and Pumpkin Bonfire. Need to get these ASAP! As soon as the weather turns these will go out around the house. I have candles in just about every room. 🍁🍂

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the candles get switched again. This time I do the Fresh Balsam from Bath & Body Works. To me, it smells like Christmas. Love burning this one since we do a fake tree. These stay out through January. 🌲🌲

Then it’s time to start again with Capri Blue. They used to make a Rain fragrance that was perfect for this time of year, but they don’t have it any longer. I need to find a replacement!

What candles do you love? What else do you do to add fragrance to your home? Do you switch them up based on season?

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