Covid Broke Our Dog

I’m not kidding! So our youngest got a mini labradoodle puppy for Christmas. Best parents ever!! So we we’re home for winter break then Bam!…here comes the ‘Rona. So this dog really hasn’t ever been alone. She doesn’t think she should ever be by herself.

The dog, otherwise known as Nova, spends the days following my daughter around and traipsing in and out of my office. At night she sits and waits patiently while we eat dinner & play marbles, then she joins us on the sofa to binge watch TV (she prefers crime dramas). After that, it’s bedtime and we have go up the stairs together. Not joking.

My daughter walks her for the last time and she won’t go upstairs until we are all lined up at the bottom of the stairs. She waits for everyone to get in position and then she saunters up and watches to make sure we followed her. Seriously! She has us well trained!!

When anyone leaves the house and she doesn’t get to go along, she lays at the door whining and crying until the missing family member returns. She tries to beat anyone to the door to make sure she isn’t left at home. At this point, she’s a pro at running errands. Loves going to the grocery store and waiting with my daughter in the car (yes the car is on and the air is running) so she can people watch. She’s determined to make everyone her new bestie.

This past Sunday, I took my youngest out to practice driving. She stayed at the door crying the entire time…driving my husband bonkers. He finally picked her up and carried her to the sofa where she continued to whine.

When we’re all at home, she’s fine. But man, the minute one of us leaves, she loses it. How do we break her of this anxiety? Any tips or tricks that don’t require meds? We’ve tried the crate, quick trips outside and then back in, new toys when we leave, anything we could think of and no luck. Can you help a sister out???

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