Warm & Cozy

I’m starting to think about fall. After posting about the candles, I’’ thinking about what else I’ll change in the house to make it feel warm & cozy as it starts to get colder.

I usually add more pillows in warmer colors to the sofa and add cozy blankets for snuggling. We decorate for fall by replacing the summer flowers with pumpkins and more fall themed items.

Below are items that are in my cart at Target, and they’re on sale!! Score!!!

Don’t know why the pic says navy but I like this one in beige to add some depth to the sofa.
I think this one will add some great texture, as long as I can keep the cats from snagging them with their claws.
I like these for the texture. They scream cozy to me.
I’m getting two of these for my mantel. I’ll add some ivory pillar candles that I already have.
I’ll add these to the coffee table. Love having candles on so we don’t have to turn on the lamps.
Gotta have a cozy blanket for snuggling!

I think these items will make the living room feel warm and cozy as it gets colder. I’ll order now while they’re on sale and in stock to put out in September. As it gets closer to October, I’ll add the pumpkins and other fall items to the mix.

How do you update your home with the changing seasons? Anything in particular you have to have?

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