Road Trip Part 4

Finally the clothes are going into the luggage. I started planning my outfits by writing out the days that I would be gone and listing what I would need each day. I did it in the Notes on my phone

Saturday – Car: jeans, T-shirt, sweater, sneaks

Sunday – in laws: church clothes, bathing suit, shorts & T-shirt

Monday – in laws: bathing suit, shorts & T-shirt.

You get the idea. Then I go back and switch out the generic for what I want to actually wear. Again, I try to stay with the same color palette so I don’t have to bring a ton of shoes, and since I’ll have access to a washer and dryer I don’t have to bring as much.

For the car I’ll wear my ripped, cropped jeans from Banana Republic, a T-shirt from Jcrew and my Athleta striped cotton cardigan. That way I’ll be comfortable when my hubby cranks the A/C. I’ll wash and re-wear it on Tuesday to drive the rest of the way.

These items are over four years old. However, Jcrew always has their standard T-shirts & there’s a similar cardigan on sale at Talbot’s right now.

Sunday I need church clothes so I’m taking my white girlfriend jeans from the Gap and a green button down from Target with my sandals (both still available). So glad that they dress casually!! And then it’ll be a bathing suit for most of the day. I’ll put on my ae Bermuda Jean shorts and an ae T-shirt after the pool.

These are the same jeans I have & their on sale on Gap’s website 😎

Monday will be a bathing suit then the same jean shorts & white oxford from Ralph Lauren. I’ll wash everything that night and repack. As I said Tuesday will be a redo of Saturday since we’re back in the car.

These are similar to the ae Bermuda shorts that I have but these are from Old Navy & are on sale!

Wednesday I’ll do a bathing suit during the day (that will be my standard day time outfit) and then for dinner out I’ll wear my white jeans with a white tank and a coral wrap from Universal Thread at Target with my sandals.

Got the wrap/shawl thingy at Target this summer but I think it’s now sold out. The tank is old but the Gap has similar ones.

Thursday night I’ll wear my jean shorts & my summer sweater from A&E with my flip flops.

Got this in March, it’s currently unavailable at but they do have some similar styles.

Friday night I’ll wear my white jeans with a black shirt I got from Walmart (I freaking love this thing and they still have some colors in stock) and my flip flops.

Sold out in black but I think I need it in white too.

Saturday I’ll do the jean shorts, tank and coral a wrap again.

Sunday I’ll wear my jean shorts and the white oxford shirt.

It’s still available.

And Monday will be the black shirt and jean shorts.

Tuesday in the car will be the same outfit as before. And when we continue the drive on Wednesday, I’ll wear my oxford and jeans.

For my shoes I’m wearing classic white Jack Purcell’s in the car, I have a pair of black rubber flip flops for the beach and then I have a pair of brown leather sandals.

Jack Purcell sneaks.

And that’s it for my entire trip. All of that will fit easily in my carryon bag. The clothes I’m taking allow me to mix and match so I don’t have to take a ton of stuff. What else would you pack? Do you plan your outfits by day for a trip? What are your styling tricks while traveling?

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