Road Trip Part 3

Since I don’t have little kids coming with us, I don’t have to worry about entertainment. My husband and I will trade off driving and my daughter will sleep & have her phone, so we’re set. That means the last thing I have to pack are staples for the condo.

We’ll go to the store for perishables when we get down there, but I like to have at least the first night’s stuff on hand when we get there. Before we go, I’ll plan out breakfast and lunch for while we are there. Usually nothing to crazy; eggs & bacon for breakfast and sandwiches & salads for lunch. I’ll scour Skinnytaste ( for ideas before we go. I want recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients since I won’t have a full pantry. We typically eat dinner out so I don’t have to worry about that. 😎

We always take a case of water and I’m sure we’ll throw in some sodas and drink mixers. We usually pick up Tito’s Vodka and Basil Hayden Bourbon when we get there. We may actually take extra water for this trip since some stores still seem to sell out of certain items.

Again, since we’re driving, I’m throwing in laundry detergent & fabric softener. I’ve been obsessed with Tide & Downy’s new Pure Clean line since Covid started. Love the honey lavender smell. And I’ll pack some cleaning supplies. I have Clorox wipes, Lysol kitchen spray, and paper towels ready to go. The wipes I’ll use for handles, light switches, countertops, tv remotes, etc. and the bathrooms. The spray will handle take care of the kitchen and the washer/dryer. I’ll feel better knowing I cleaned the place too. I’m sure most places are doing a great job but as I mentioned before, I’ve always traveled with wipes and cleaned.

Last thing I’ll pack are some things to entertain us at the condo. I take a regular pack of cards, an Uno deck, and our marble game. We usually play a game of something after dinner, and I want something to keep us busy if rains and we can’t go to the beach.

Aggravation purchased from

What am I missing? What else do I need to pack? What do you travel with?

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