Road Trip Part 2

So we’re going to be stuck for at least 10 hours in the car on the way there and on the way back. I need to figure out snacks for the trip. As I’ve mentioned I’m working on losing weight and getting healthy so I don’t want to blow it with junk food on the road.

I just read an article Travel & Leisure just posted ( I’m not digging the chick peas and snap peas. We already have the popcorn. I think the olives and pickles would smell too much. Is that just me? But I do love that most of their ideas are available at Target. That was where I was going to go. 😉 I think they always have the best selection of snacks.

I’ll probably do some beef jerky and rice cakes too. We don’t want to worry about anything having to go into a cooler, so what other ideas are out there?

BeachBody’s Beach Bars will go in the bag as well. They’ll be the protein bars of choice for the trip. Any granola that you recommend? Some granola bites would be good as well.

How do you pack for a car trip? What are you favorite go to snacks? Cooler or no?

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