This little piggy…

Thanks to Covid it’s still hard to go to the market let alone to the nail salon!!! I posted the other week about Color Street nail strips. Love those for my nails but I go the old fashioned route for my toes. I only occasionally go for a pedicure. I’d rather do them myself. So let me give you my pedicure favs!

I use regular, straight nail clippers to cut my nails. I HATE long toe nails. I cut mine back as far as they’ll go – no white showing. For my cuticles I use the Revlon Cuticle Trimmer. I’ve used the trimmer since high school. I’m not a fan of cuticle oil on my toes but I do put lotion on my fee every day. Love the L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream. My husband puts this in my Christmas stocking every year. Guess he likes my feet to be soft too. Another good option is Jergens Deep Conditioning Shea Butter Crema. I use the cream after I get out of the shower and then push back and trim my cuticles while they’re soft.

I use toe separators that I got years ago when I had a pedicure done. When I can’t find those in my basket of nail stuff, paper towels work just as well. I always do a base coat, 2 coats of color and a top coat. My favorite for the past few years all come from essie ( I always use the essie Grow Stronger Base Coat. Love it cause it’s quick drying and keeps my nails healthy. Also, side benny, it slightly pink so it works great alone when I want a super natural look on my nails (for when I’m channeling my inner Duchess of Cambridge).

Sort of looks tan in this pic but it’s a prettier shade of pink.

I like coral-red colors for summer like essie Rock the Runway but this summer I’ve gone a bit lighter. I’m stuck on essie Stitch by Stitch. And did I mention I use their gel line? Lasts forever so I don’t have to bend over to reach those toes too often. As I said, I do two coats of color and then finish with their clear gel top coat.

My paint job usually lasts at least two weeks. It would probably last longer but I have cut my nails by the end of two weeks! To remove it, I use Cutex Ultra Powerful Nail Polish Remover. Two swipes with a cotton pad and it’s off. Love that I don’t have to soak this polish to remove it!

Keeping your feet moisturized with clean & trimmed nails will fool people into thinking you’ve spent hours in the nail salon. I’ve gotten asked many times where I go to get my nails done & I always answer by saying my bathroom. ☺️

What’s your favorite part of a pedicure? What colors do you love? Do you go darker for winter?

Finished product with my daughter’s pigs in the background 🥰

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