Slowly but Surely Part 3

Time for the last post about what I’m doing to get healthy and lose weight. I’ve added some supplements to my daily morning regime. I already take a probiotic and biotin with my morning meds, but I’ve added Elevacity’s Happy Tea and Xanthomax supplement.

I always have hot tea in the morning with breakfast. I have to start my day with it! A friend of mine had great results with the Elevacity brand so I figured I’d give it a shot. I replaced my morning black tea with their Happy Georgia Peach Tea. I’m not gonna lie – took a little getting used to and tons of suggestions from my friend Pam. I’ve finally got it down. I prefer it cold mixed with 16oz of water. And if I make it hot, it has to be at least 12oz of water. Otherwise, it’s too sweet for me. And sometimes I throw in a pinch of salt.

The tea and the supplement are supposed to help with depression/anxiety, motivation/focus, and weight loss. It didn’t notice much until I finished the first 30 days. I was definitely less tired throughout the day – no more afternoon nap and I feel like it’s accelerated my weight loss.

I’m always going to suffer from depression but I’ve noticed I’m not quite as anxious during the day. And I am staying more focused during work. That’s a big plus for me.

Now for the CYA – I’m not a doctor, so you should check with your doctor before introducing any supplements into your routine. I’m just giving my opinion based on my personal results and make no representations or guarantees about this product. With that out of the way…moving on…

Pam likes the product so much and has gotten so many benefits from using it; she’s now a rep for Elevacity. If your interested in learning more about these products, please contact her at or check out my posts on Facebook and Instagram for her info.

What supplements do you take? What results have you see? Is there a brand that you recommend?

One thought on “Slowly but Surely Part 3

  1. Hey Brie! Thank you for the write up on your blog. One small note….my email is leucatime@gmail, not leucatume. 💕

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    >changed it in the post!! Sorry about that.

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