What’s for dinner?

Kill me now!!!! I hate that ducking question!! 8:30 and my daughter hasn’t even had breakfast and wants to know what’s for dinner. 🤯

Since COVID, we now cook every night. We’ve gotten take out maybe 3 times, So it’s a legit issue if there’s nothing to make for dinner. I don’t know about you, but planning out a week’s worth of meals kicks my ass every weekend! I’m not a meal prepper (is that even a word?) per se, but I do have to have dinners planned out or it’s cereal all around.

We have our favorite go to’s, but I need variety. I hate having the same meal over and over again. But I’ve found a perfect solution! Gina & Skinnytaste (Skinnytaste.com) are a god send!! If you haven’t checked out her recipes and meal plan before, you gotta do it! She saves me so much time!

Her recipes are freaking delicious. I haven’t found one yet that we didn’t like. And they’re not complicated so all skill levels are welcome! On Sundays she posts a week long meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day (and did I mention it’s free?!?!?!?). I use her plan as a guideline.

Everyone here fends for themselves for breakfast, so I don’t use too many of those recipes. However we love her Loaded Baked Omelet Muffins! I make these over the weekend and then it’s a quick grab and go option during the week.

Lunch is the same thing – you’re on you own buddy cause a girl’s gotta work, but I use some of these recipes for lighter dinners. You can’t go wrong with the Italian Chopped Salad or the BLT Salad with Avocado!! Delicious 😋 And it’s not just salads listed for lunch.

Then her dinners give me ideas for the week. Sometimes I follow exactly what she has laid out and sometimes I pick and choose. But having her list gives me ideas and reminds of things we haven’t had in awhile. It makes it so much easier to plan when I’m not having to come up with something from scratch. Dinners on regular repeat are Fish Florentine, Dirty Brown Rice (my family hated brown rice so we use white), Piccadillo and Cilantro Lime Rice. I’m telling you, delicious and easy!!

So today you’ll find me at my kitchen counter with Gina’s meal plan, my notepad and tea getting a grocery list together for the week! ☕️ How do you plan? What are your favorite go to meals?

PS – I use the bloom daily planners Weekly Meal Planning Pad – Magnetic Menu Planner with Perforated Tear-Off Grocery Shopping Lists – 6” x 9”. I get it from Amazon and it sticks on the fridge. So when I get the dreaded question, I just point to the fridge 😎

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