I’m Saved from the 90’s

My brows fell victim to the 90’s and were super skinny. Who knew the bushy brows I had in my early teens would ever become popular?!?!? Damn Seventeen Magazine (you know you read it!)! I’ve been drawing my in brows for years. I’d spend forever in the mirror trying to get them to match and look good until my girlfriend talked me into trying microblading with her. Holy crap Batman – game changer!! I now spend hardly any time on my brows. Best decision!!

Before and after!!!

I had no idea what I was getting into but I was gonna help a sister out and do this with my friend for moral support. In comes Carey, owner of Precision Lash & Brow (precisionlashandbrow.com). Freaking kick ass woman and wonderful human!! She was so patient and kind and took the time to explain everything and answer my questions.

I figured this would be a quick process but so worth the 3 hours. She mapped my brows based on my face and we tweaked and played until she & I were both satisfied. Then came the numbing cream. Seriously y’all, no pain at all! I didn’t feel a thing. My girlfriend and I were almost asleep by the time she was done. No joke!! Seriously no pain!!

She knew I was nervous so she went a little skinnier than normal and curved the lines a bit for me. She really listened to what I wanted and made it happen. I couldn’t love the final product more!!! I actually loved it so much that I went back to my free touch up I had her go a little bigger. 👏🏻👏🏻

Next time I’m thinking of trying the powder brows because my skin is pretty oily and I think those will look even better!! I’ll share pics after my next visit.

If you’ve ever thought about getting your brows done, definitely check out Carey at Precision Lash & Brow Studio! She also offers a bunch of other services. You won’t regret it! Have you had your brows done? What was your experience? Favorite brow products? Let me know!!!!

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