Slowly but Surely Part 1

I’ve mentioned a couple times about losing weight and getting healthy. I figure it’s time to elaborate. I’ve always been on the chunkier side. Never been a size 2 and never going to be. However as I’ve gotten older the weight keeps adding on and it is getting harder and harder to lose. Sound familiar to anyone else? I use to be a size 10 before I hit 40 and now I’m anywhere between a 14 & 16 😳 How’d that happen???

Throughout the past 10 years, I’ve tried different diets and workout programs but nothing has stuck. I’ll do it for a bit and feel better and then go back to my old ways. Now, I’ve got to make it stick cause my health is taking a hit. Gotta get the cholesterol down. I’m not ready for a heart attack.

This time around I’m doing a couple of different things. I’ll do a post on each of them. First up – BeachBody. I’ve gotta have accountability and options or I’m done before I’ve even started.

I tried BeachBody once before and I know you’re not shocked to hear I didn’t stick with it. I think the biggest issue was I got sick of the same workout and was in such a large group I didn’t feel like anyone was holding my accountable (I know I should be able to do that myself but keeping it real – that shit’s hard to do). So what’s different this time? First off I have a kick ass coach that is checking on me everyday. Knowing she’s watching, gets my ass outta bed to do the work. Second, I need my body healthy and don’t want to start taking anymore meds than necessary. And finally, I went with BeachBody on demand so I can get a new workout every day if I want. I haven’t gotten bored yet. I hate doing the same thing over & over again!!! The minute I’m bored I’m done.

I’m currently following the Barre Blend Program. It’s 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day. It’s much harder than I expected, but I haven’t quit! It’s a new workout each day so that definitely helps. I’m thinking about trying #mbf next. Any suggestions?

I’m starting week 4 today. I’m down 7lbs and feeling much better!! I feel like I can stick with this plan for the long haul. Thanks to Brittany Carr for supporting and pushing me. It’s what I needed. If you are interested in getting her to coach you, you can check her out on Facebook at Brittany Hilbinger Carr or on Insta at bhilbinger. I’ve tagged her on my social media sites as well.

I’ll keep checking in so you know how it’s working and so you can help keep me accountable. I’m not trying to be model thin, I just want to be healthy and comfortable in my own body. #workinprogress

Do you workout at home or go to a gym? How do you stay motivated? What are your workout tips? Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of what I’m doing! Goodbye 14’s…hello 12’s!!!

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