Slip ‘n Silk

Where the hell did my 20’s go? I’d wake up back then with no pillow creases, a lot skinnier and full of a lot more energy. While I’m working on the weight and the energy, I was able to quickly get rid of the creases!!

I started using a Slip pillow case ( a month ago. I love it!!!!!! I don’t have pillow creases on my face in the morning, my skin looks smoother, and way less frizz for my hair! I got mine directly from Slip, but you can get them from Nordstrom, Sephora, Amazon, pretty much anywhere. I totally recommend these pillow cases. Bonus tip: if you do a ton of tossing and turning 🙋🏻‍♀️, you need to get the zippered version. Also total side benefit, the pillow case is always cool so it’s perfect for my hot flashes. Ducking perfect!!!

I know these can get a bit expensive, but all the positives have outweighed the cost for me. There are definitely cheaper versions out there through Amazon. Just make sure to get one that’s 100% silk and has a 600 hundred thread count or higher to get the most benefits.

What’s on your pillow? Let me know if you switch 😎

One thought on “Slip ‘n Silk

  1. I also use Silk pillowcases. I had the standard size; but, most of our pillows are King size. I ordered a set of king from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. So excited!!

    -That was a good idea! I should have ordered extras 😎

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