Your package has shipped!

I love getting these notifications. I just placed a new order with Walmart and got my shipping confirmation today. Here’s what’s on its way.

Image Credit: Walmart

I wanted some lightweight tops for our upcoming trip to AL. It’ll be over 90 degrees with at least 80% humidity so I don’t want to be any more uncomfortable than necessary. I picked Time & Tru’s chambray sleeveless top. I like that I can button the top or leave it open. I thought the ruffles were a cute touch without being over the top. I’ll wear it with my white linen pants. I went with a size large. Also grabbed it in white.

Image Credit: Walmart

I thought these Time & Tru Cropped Linen pants would look cute with the white top above. I ordered them in a large as well. I liked the navy navy stripes on these to change it up.

Image Credit: Walmart

I also ordered the Time & Tru Tie-Back Halter Top in black. I stayed with a size large again. I can wear this with either the white linen pants or my jean shorts if I want a more casual look.

More exciting, I got all of it for under $60.00. I’ll let you know thoughts on how they work out when they get delivered.

Do you do most of your shopping online? Do you get excited for your shipping notifications? Can’t wait to hear from you!! Love, TC

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