Can you say easy clean up?

Holy crap Batman!! I just discovered liners for my air fryer? How have I not known about these before??????????? They save some much time with cleanup.

Image Credit: Amazon

I found these liners on Amazon. They’re currently on sale for $12.59. They fit my Ninja Indoor Grill/Air Fryer really well!! I love that I can switch them out between batches of food. That way, nothing gets stuck to the pan. Plus I don’t have to use as much non-stick or olive oil spray.

I haven’t noticed that they increase the cooking time. They definitely make clean up go faster. I can use them in the my regular oven too! Easier than cutting parchment paper.

I love cooking in my air fryer. I’ve done everything from salmon to empanadas. It’s a great, fast way to cook food. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should check it out. My suggestion if you aren’t sure that you’ll use it a lot, get a combo machine such like I have so you get more use out of it. Also, there will be some on sale during Amazon Prime Days so you can score one at a discount.

Do you use an air fryer? What’s your favorite recipe? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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