What I’m Reading Now 📖

While I’m waiting on my pre-ordered books from my favorite authors, I needed something else to read. I’ve tried a couple new authors on BookBub, but haven’t found anyone worth mentioning. I was desperate so I raided my daughter’s bookshelf. Shockingly, I found an author that’s keeping me entertained.

Colleen Hoover has filled my Nook. She’s has a bunch of books out now with some new ones coming this summer. I started with It Ends With Us. Damn good book! I liked that it was a fast read and keep me throughly engrossed. It’s subject matter was a little heavy but it didn’t upset me too much. It was so good I pre-ordered the prequel, It Starts With Us. Excited for that to come out soon!

Image Credit: Colleen Hoover

Reminders Of Him was my next read. Another great book! Seriously had me laughing, crying, and wanting everyone to win. It’s a wonderful tale of trying to get your life back while finding love and forgiveness at the same time. I’m not usually a chick lit person, but these books are fabulous. Colleen combines chick lit, with romance, and a little mystery. Definitely a book that holds your attention.

Image Credit: Colleen Hoover

Ugly Love was next on my reading list. Another fast read. The story keeps you going and making you turn the page. A love story with more than just that as part of the plot.

Image Credit: Colleen Hoover

My favorite was Verity. Sort of a mystery novel with a side of romance. Totally unexpected plot twist. I may read it a second time! I read this one in a day it was so good. I didn’t want to put it down. If you don’t read anything else this summer, you won’t be disappointed with this book! You gotta check it out!!!

Image Credit: Colleen Hoover

I just downloaded November 9. I’m excited to see what happens in this one! I’ll let you know what I think!!

Image Credit: Colleen Hoover

What are you reading over the summer? Any can’t miss books? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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