Home Upgrades – Kitchen

I desperately wanted a brand new kitchen but knew that wasn’t in the budget. Instead, I got new countertops, a new sink, and painted our existing cabinets. Our appliances were fairly new so we didn’t have to update those. Instead of a couple of months, we had a new kitchen in two weeks!

The kitchen was yellow and cream. In came the Agreeable Gray and Pure White paint from Sherwin Williams. We added a marble backsplash. We found it a design store but couldn’t stomach the price. After doing some online research, I found the exact same thing at Home Depot for a cheaper price!

Image Credit: MSI

We went with the Bianco Dolomite Lynx Polished tile. It added a bit of class to the kitchen. Originally I was sure we didn’t need a backsplash, but soooo glad we got it. Well worth the money. I picked a plain white grout to go with it.

We did go with the quartz countertop from the design center. We got the Calacatta Botanica. It’s a white quartz with gray veining. It looked the most like marble. I love it. It’s probably my favorite part of the kitchen. We had a speckled black Corian countertop before. This one is so much prettier! The kitchen is so much lighter and brighter now.

Image Credit: MSI

The cabinets are now Summit Gray, again by Sherwin Williams. I wanted them done in a dark gray. I don’t like cabinets to be white. I wanted to tie together the backsplash and counters with the cabinet color.

Image Credit: Sherwin Williams

The cabinets are plain, builder grade so I wanted to make them a little splashier. To do that, I got cast iron handles to add to them. I ordered the Iron Valley 4” Square Contemporary handles. They’re the perfect addition to the kitchen!

Image Credit: Amazon

I’m so happy with the end result!!!

Ignore the mess because we were just moving stuff back into the kitchen.

Have you ever remodeled your kitchen? What was your favorite part when it was finished? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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