It’s HomeGoods but Online!

Everyone I know is obsessed with HomeGoods. We have one in our town center, and I swear my mom only comes to visit so she can go to HomeGoods. My daughters, my aunts, my girlfriends are all in love with it. Me, meh. I’ve been a take it or leave it sort of girl, until I discovered you can shop them online. 🤯

I hate having to search or dig through the shelves to find what you want. It’s always crowded, and I always end up having to get a cart that I can’t maneuver through the tiny aisles. That’s why it’s never been my thing. My husband would totally disagree with that statement. However the majority of stuff we have in our house that’s from HomeGoods, is, you guessed it, courtesy of my mom.

Now that I’ve found I can shop them online, that’s gonna change! I did my first order a few months ago when we painted our house. I got all the things! And I never had to leave the house to do it.

I got pillows, candlesticks, a jug, trays and a bunch of plants. It was so easy!!! I didn’t have to fight anyone or dig through a thing. I opened the webpage & hit the search button…voilà!!! So much easier.

Image Credit: HomeGoods

This tray is on my kitchen counter collecting the salt & pepper, napkins, and butter dish

Image Credit: HomeGoods

This basket sits in my living room. Loved that it was gray and matched my new rug!

I thought that the floral and plant selection was way better than what they have in stores. Some were priced but so much prettier and well made. They didn’t look so fake.

You can’t buy their large furniture pieces like sofas on the site, but they do have a great selection of other items, including seasonal decor. And anything you buy online can be returned in-store!!

If you’re like me & didn’t know you could shop them online, well, you’re welcome. 😉 Check out my social media pages to see what’s currently in my cart!

What’s store are you obsessed with? Do you have to go in person or do you prefer online? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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