And since we’re talking about jeans…

I can never have enough jeans. I love a bunch of different styles and colors. They are my go to staple! I’m always searching for the perfect pair! Below are my favorite tips for jeans.

First, you need to look at the label. You want to see what they’re made of. Jeans made mostly of cotton can stretch up to a half inch after an hour of wear. That means if you’re getting jeans with no Lycra or Spandex, you’ll want them to fit snug to tight because they’ll stretch as you wear them. Sometimes you’ll need to go down a whole size.

Jeans that have a higher Lyrca or Spandex content won’t stretch as much. They stay true to their size and shape. If they are tight when you first try them on, they aren’t going to stretch. You want these types of jeans to fit comfortably as soon as you put them on. They won’t get any looser.

I don’t recommend dry cleaning jeans unless the label specifically calls for it. They look to stiff and creased after dry cleaning. Wash your jeans at home. Always wash them in cold water. Hot water is okay only for white jeans and only every other wash.

When washing, always turn darker colored jeans inside out first. That helps with piling and keeps the color from fading. Also, you should never put your jeans in the dryer. Always hang them to dry or put them on a drying rack. Drying them stresses the cotton & can cause them to wear out faster.

After Covid lockdown, your jeans may be a little tighter in the waist. You can gain some extra room by stretching them while they are wet. I’ll stretch the waist as soon as I take them out of the wash. I start on side of the waist and stretch every couple of inches until I make it the whole way around. You can usually gain a quarter to half inch in the waist so they won’t be as tight and create a muffin top.

You can also stretch out the legs by pulling on them while wet. You won’t gain more than a quarter inch but sometimes every little bit helps. 😉

I prefer to fold jeans as opposed to hanging them. I follow the Marie Kondo method for folding and storing them. For her technique you fold them in thirds and stand them on end. You can check out her site for videos.

Jeans can be pricey so it’s important to take care of your investment!

Are you a folder or hanger for storing jeans? Do you stick with basic blue or mix it up with colors? Can’t wait to hear from you!! Love, TC

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