Matchy matchy.

Yep, it’s gotta match!! I’m one of those annoying fools that the the tree has to match the house color/decor, and the paper has to match the tree, and the stockings…and so on. I know it drives some of my friends and family crazy. Before I was all about blue, silver, and white. Now, it’s browns and golds.

Plus it’s gotta be white lights. None of the colored crap. I’ve never liked those. And they can’t blink or flash.

And yes, I’m an artificial tree kinda girl too. So much easier in my opinion. And if you burn the Balsam Fir candle from Bath & Bodyworks, you can hardly tell. 😉

Does all of the above make me boring? Maybe but I ducking love sitting in the dark with nothing but the tree lights on. It’s perfect. We keep the tree up until the end of January, much to my husband’s dismay.

Two years ago we got a pre-lit tree from Balsam Hill. They are pricey but so far it’s been worth it. I had my last tree for almost 20 years so I want something that will hold up. It’s easy to put together and holds up beautifully. Definitely one to check out – we have the Fraser Fir.

They are 50% off right now at

My decorations mostly came from Target. I always use some type of ribbon for garland and then decorate with coordinated colors. I got them a few years ago so I couldn’t find an exact match but the below ones are close.

Available at

Do you match the rest of your decor at Christmas or go with a classic theme? Does everything have to coordinate? Anyone else with Christmas OCD?

Finished tree

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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