Cookies, cookies, and more cookies!!!

In our house the end of Thanksgiving means the beginning of Christmas! We begin decorating and more importantly, plan out our cookie baking days.

Christmas cookies are a huge tradition in our family. We usually make the same types of cookies each year. Sometimes we mix it up. And a few years ago, we added candy making!

My youngest daughter and I spend two whole days in the kitchen! We jam to Christmas music and end the weekend covered in flour and sprinkles. It’s the best time of year!!

The first cookies we make are called Grandma’s Cookies. The “recipe” has been passed down from my great grandmother. I use the term recipe lightly because she didn’t measure anything. My aunt watched her make the dough years ago & she wrote down a close approximation of amounts. It’s not officially Christmas until we have these cookies!! They’re basically a butter cookie that we top with sprinkles, sugar, etc. I love that my daughter still wants to make these each year. Hopefully she’ll continue the tradition with her kids!

We also make Chocolate Crinkles. They’re a new addition as of six years ago. They’re low fat but freaking delicious. I prefer the Betty Crocker recipe.

My husband has to have Peanut Blossoms. You know, the peanut butter cookie with the Hershey’s Kiss on top? They have to get stored in our Santa Claus cookie jar. I eat more of the Kisses while making them than the actual cookie. 😋 And, I always have to add an extra dollop of peanut butter to the batter.

Then of course, Snickerdoodles. Again, I usually go with the Betty Crocker recipe, although I may have a new one to try this year. The big debate is always do I make the crispy or chewy. I usually try to make some of both so everyone is happy.

We always say we’re going to do make Chocolate Chip Cookies too, but it never happens. We’re usually too tired, because after all of these cookies we move into candy.

As a kid growing up, another family in our carpool always made chocolate caramels to share. We waited all year for these things. It was the best part of carpool. A few years ago, I reached out to them for the recipe. Now my daughter and I make them every Christmas. They go so fast that we usually end up making a couple of batches throughout the month. They’re super addicting!!!!

What are you favorite cookies? Do you have family recipes that you have to make? Anything else you make only around Christmas?

Thanks for reading & responding!!! ❤️ TC

PS – if you’re interested in any of the recipes, let me know & I’ll send them to you. 😊

2 thoughts on “Cookies, cookies, and more cookies!!!

  1. I too love baking with my girls! We make a cinnamon oatmeal cookie when mini red/green M&M’s every year. Who can resist a peppermint white chocolate cookies? I also make a ton of candy. Every year I make cashew clusters, peanut butter balls and fudge. It doesn’t sound like much but it takes a full day! I also love to bake egg nog bread and pumpkin bread.

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