Get in my belly!! Part 4

You gotta have snacks. You can’t live on meals alone. I typically like a snack between lunch and dinner. Some days I like salty, other days I like sweet, just depends on my mood.

Thinsters Cookies are the best!! I love all of their flavors. Right now I’m hooked on their Pumpkin Spice flavor. A serving is 130 calories.

Love Skinny Pop Popcorn. Especially their Salty & Sweet Kettle Corn. A single serving bag is 110 calories.

Lara and Kind Bars are other go tos. I like the minis to throw in my bag while I’m on the go. The minis are all around 100 calories per serving.

Dried Mango pieces are another go to. I like Made in Nature Sweet & Tangy Mangos. It’s almost like fruit jerky. It’s another one that comes in single servings & I can toss in my bag. Another 100 calories per serving treat.

I also keep Caramel M&M’s in the house. I can grab two or three from the bag and my sweet tooth is satisfied. Under 100 calories for 4.

I also keep different kinds of nuts stocked too. Almonds, peanuts, cashews are usually in the house. I really like the Wasabi & Soy Sauce Blue Diamond Almonds. 170 calories per serving.

What’s your go to snack? Anything you can’t live without? What’s your favorite in the go treat?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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