Don’t touch that dial.

Since COVID started we’ve gotten into a routine of playing marbles and then watching a show together after dinner. We’ve enjoyed the family time.

We’ve watched every single episode of Survivor, the Blacklist, Cobra Kai, Prison Break, How to Get Away with Murder, and we’re finishing up Chicago PD. Now we need another show.

We prefer a show that has more than one season & something that will interest all of us. We’ve got Netflix and Amazon Prime. We haven’t broken down to get Apple TV or Hulu.

24, Lost, Grimm, and Arrow are series we’ve watched in the past. We tried getting into The Crown but I was the only one that liked it. We gave up on Reno 911 because I got tired of Rob Lowe plugging his products. Oldies but goodies we’ve seen are ER and Grey’s Anatomy. I say we lean towards crime or drama series. We’re waiting for Seal Team to come back in December.

What are you watching? Any series that you recommend as a can’t miss? What do you binge watch?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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