Daisy Fresh.

My girlfriend Cate always talked about razors helping you feel daisy fresh. It was an inside joke that started a million years ago. You know the crazy, feminine based commercials for tampons and crap, where the chick is running through the field? That’s daisy fresh! 🤣🤣

Any time we found a razor we loved, we’d share it with each other & proclaim it to be daisy fresh. So here are our favorites…

Shick Quattro is a good one. It has four blades, gets a smooth shave, and comes in replacement heads and disposable versions. It’s getting harder to find but totally worth the effort. The blades are wrapped with safety wires so that means less nicks and cuts. It works well especially in the nether regions.

Available in most stores and at Amazon.

Another one that works well is Gillette’s Extra Smooth Sensitive Skin Razor. This one has extra moisturizing strips and five blades. Another close shave with less irritation. The blades aren’t wrapped so it easier to cut yourself. This one doesn’t come in a disposable version, but Gillette has a subscription club.

Available at most stores and through Amazon.

Another one I like is the Venus Snap Travel Razor. This one stays in my go bag and comes with me every trip. It comes with the regular blade but can use any of the Venus replacement heads. I always go with the Extra Smooth Sensitive.

I got mine at the local grocery store but you can get it on Amazon.

What’s your favorite razor? Do you prefer regular or electric? What do you look for in a razor?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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