Best Kept Laundry Secret

Weirdly everyone always comments on how my laundry smells. I keep hearing that my clothes smell so good. I’ll take it but I couldn’t figure out what I was doing differently than most people.

Before we were married, my husband loved when he left clothes at my house and I wash them. Teachers at my daughter’s daycare always wanted her to sit in their lap. My nieces loved hand me downs because of how they smelled. People would randomly stop me to ask what perfume I was wearing & it was the laundry detergent.

After asking a ton of people how they wash their clothes, I think I found the difference- Clorox 2. I use it with every load.

Available at most stores and thru Amazon.

It does help get out tough stains but isn’t rough on clothes. I don’t know if it really helps colors from fading but it definitely boosts the scent of my detergent and fabric softener. And our clothes are definitely cleaner. Clorox 2 also helps remove stubborn pet and sport odors as well.

I also use complimenting detergent and fabric softener. I only use Tide and Downy. They used to make a white lilac scent that was the freaking bomb but they stopped that a few years ago. Currently I use Tide’s Pure Clean plant based formula in Honey Lavender & Downy’s Nature Blends plant based formula in Honey Lavender. Love the way the smell. Not too sweet or feminine.

At Target and Amazon.
At Target and Amazon.

I didn’t pick them because they were plant, it had to do with the scent. I also like Downy’s Calm scent, and the Rosewater & Aloe is okay too. I usually pick Tide’s Clean Breeze scent if my scent isn’t available.

What do you use for detergent and fabric softener? Is all about the scent for you? Any recommendations??

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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