Rosy Cheeks

Best ducking blush ever – NudeStix Nudies All Over Face Color in Bare Back!!!! Not even joking.

Available at

I heard somewhere that as you get older you should switch from powder to cream blush. I found one years ago by Make Up Forever but they stopped making it. 😢 Everything else I tried was too shiny/dewy and didn’t last all day.

This sucker is the bomb!!!!! It stays on forever, looks super natural, doesn’t break me out, and has its own blending brush. Seriously, a couple dabs on each cheek, swirl and go. And the thing lasts for freaking ever!! I’ve had almost 9 months. It’s the perfect consistency.

I love a bunch of their products, but this and concealer have been my Covid go to. Instantly gives me color without looks fake or done up & takes 2 seconds. And I did i mention it’s not shiny? I hate how NARS Orgasm powder blush has all that shine in it. I don’t want to look sparkly, just natural.

If this hasn’t become a cult favorite yet, it ducking should! What’s your favorite type of blush? Do you look for a pop of color or something more natural? Do you change it up or stick with the same one?

You’ll have to check out my Instagram for an upcoming video 😉

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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