It puts the lotion on the body.

While it may be creepy to quote Silence of the Lambs for a post, but it’s a true statement – I always use body lotion. While I was still in high school, I heard somewhere that putting lotion on right after your shower did wonders for your skin. Couldn’t tell you where I heard or why it stuck with me, but from that day forward I’ve put on lotion after every shower.

I usually go back and forth between two – Jergen’s Original Scent and Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion.

I love Jergens lotion because it absorbs quickly, smells great and keeps my skin moisturized. Plus it’s cheap and easy to find. I like that I don’t have to search for it. I also like that it isn’t heavy or sticky. And it doesn’t leave my skin tacky.

I used to use their firming lotion as well. Recently they changed their formula and they added oil to it. It caused my back and chest to break out so I no longer use it.

I really like the Aveeno lotion at night. It smells so good!! It’s also quick to absorb and keeps my skin moisturized. It’s not sticky or tacky and seems to nourish my skin. Again it’s pretty cheap and easy to find. I picked this one because I didn’t like the scent of the original Aveeno lotion.

They used to make an Energizing one as well that smelled like grapefruit. It was my absolute favorite but they stopped making it years ago. I just tried the Jergens Body Butter in Sweet Citrus because it had grapefruit in it. It was okay but I felt it was a bit sticky.

When I travel, I always take the Jergens Ultra Healing because it comes in a convenient size. I also find this lotion helps whenever I have a sunburn. It’s really soothing and helps get rid of the sting.

As my skin is aging, I feel like these lotions aren’t going to keep cutting it. I don’t want to get crepey skin. I just read an article about other skin creams that can cost over $320 😳 Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen either. Do you have a lotion you use & recommend? Should I try something else? What do you like?

Thanks for responding!!! ❤️ TC

3 thoughts on “It puts the lotion on the body.

    1. I like the Nivea lotions for winter. Light scent & great moisture that’s a little more intense for winter. Make sure you use it right after your shower to get the best absorption.


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