Curly Hair Products

Those who know me will not be shocked that my first post is about hair products! I have crazy, thin, curly hair (3A/B curl type). I refer to my hair as the Poodle – friends have even created a number scale for it. Today, I’d say a it’s solid 6 even with the humidity (the lower the number the better). I’ve tried a ton of different products – everything from salon only to drug store brands. I need shampoo & conditioner that are deeply hydrating while managing my super oily scalp. I need products that give me frizz control and volume and don’t dry out the curls.

Right now I’m loving L’Oreal’s Ever Strong Shampoo & Conditioner (@lorealusa). It is Sulfate/Paraben free, moisturizing, great scent and is totally helping with my hair loss. Way less strands are falling out! I loved my styling current products (which I’ll get into in a minute), but I got sucked in by ads on social media for LUS Brands ( Each picture was better than the next and I wanted those curls! I tried the Love UR Curls set in Curly – shampoo, conditioner & all-in-one curly styling cream.

I dropped everything when they got delivered and hopped right in the shower…so freaking excited!!! I was disappointed as soon as I opened the first bottle, I hated the scent. It reminded me of an old lady and was a bit overpowering. However, I’d totally get over it if the curls were killer. After washing and conditioning, I did like how my hair felt – manageable & hydrated without being oily or weighed down. Then slathered on the cream – literally. The videos showed women using a ton of product, so I did too. Ummm…no bueno. The first day was sticky and flat.

Day 2, less product and better results, but the curls still didn’t live up to the hype. I tried air-drying and diffusing. Still not what I was hoping for. After a week of using the system, I decided to go back to my old routine because I was left feeling meh. The curls never matched the pictures and my hair was a little flatter than normal and the ends got frizzier faster. I do love the idea of the all-in-one cream as it’s perfect for traveling. So much easier than my current routine. And it may still make it into my travel bag. Overall I’d give it a 6 out of 10. It was an average system.

That brings me to the styling products I’m currently using. I went back to Davines ( I use the Love Curl Cream, This is a Curl Mousse and the Love Curl Primer. After washing and conditioning I make sure my hair is super wet and start with the curl cream. After raking a quarter size dollop through the curls, I scrunch with a ping pong ball sized dollop of mousse. I spritz it with the Primer right before I dry it with a diffuser – I usually concentrate it more on the ends so they do frizz up. Love the results!

Any suggestions? Has anyone tried Cocunat ( or Bounce Curl ( they’re calling to me. Let me know 🙂

Curls on day 7 of LUS Brands
Curls on day 7 on LUS Brands

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