Time For A New Phone

Omg…is this stressful for anyone else, or is it just me? I hate getting a new phone. I worry about everything transferring even though it’s stored to the cloud. I hate that I have to reorganize it so I can find my apps. And learning to work the damn thing is painful! Regardless, I’m upgrading since mine current phone is almost three years old. Plus you have to buy a new phone case.

After two hours of debating, I’ve decided on the Apple 13 Pro Max. I need the bigger screen. I’m pissed I have to pay that much for it but, it saves my eyes. Now I have to search for just the right phone case. It can’t be too bulky and has to have a wallet. I’ve narrowed it down to two.

Image Credit: Amazon

I went right back to Lameeku to start since I loved my last case. Of course they don’t make the zippered wallet for the new phone but, this is pretty close. I like the addition of the ring, so that may make up for the loss of the zipper. I don’t think this wallet will hold as much as my current one, but we’ll see.

Image Credit: Amazon

I like this one as well. The wallet closes and acts as a kickstand too. I think this version may be a bit slimmer which is good for when I tuck it in my back pocket. Of course I’m getting black no matter which one I keep.

What’s your favorite type of case? Do you have to have a wallet? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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