Nordstrom Anniversary Review – Part 2

FINALLY! The rest of my purchases were delivered. I was freaking excited to try the jeans. This was the first time I didn’t pick a pair of skinny jeans. Everything was bootcut or straight leg. Did I mention I was excited?

Image Credit: Nordstrom

Up first, Topshop’s Jamie Low Rise Bootcut. LOW RISE y’all. I hate high rise so I was doing a happy dance when I pulled them out of the box. I got them in three sizes…32, 34 and 36 cause, you know, jeans. I tried the 32 on first. Loved the length and the cut. They reminded me of what I wore years ago. Fell in love immediately. Only problem, I couldn’t button them. Okay, I was ready for that. On goes the 34. Great length again but still a little snug. I probably could have gotten away with it but with them being low rise, I wasn’t comfortable. Okay, 36. I know I’m going to just die because they’ll be perfect. Ummmmm…not so much. Too big and all of sudden the inseam is shorter. BLAH!!! I was so disappointed. I have no idea why they changed the inseam on the larger size. I would have kept them if they didn’t hit above my ankles. Soooooo very sad but all of them are going back.

Image Credit: Nordstrom

While the first pair was a total bummer, I was sure the second pair would be perfect!!! Based on reviews I ordered one size up in the Joe’s Honey Curvey Bootcut jeans. Perfect color and wash. Inseam was fabulous for my heeled boots. However, the 32 was a little too roomy and the 31 was a little to snug in weird places. GRRRRRRRRR! Are you kidding me???? Back into the bag these go as well.

Image Credit: Nordstrom

No worries, I tried the Silver Jeans Co. Suki Bootcut next. I love their shorts so I figured these would be an easy win. I got them in size 32X31. I figured these would be great with flats and my loafers. I tried them on, and they fit perfectly. Loved the color. Meh on the length. When I checked myself out in the mirror, I didn’t like the look of them. The bootcut looked more like a flare and wasn’t very flattering. Come on, really? 3 styles and 6 pairs of jeans and nothing?!?!?! Another pair going in the return pile.

Image Credit: Nordstrom

Lastly, I tried the Wit & Wisdom Absolution Straight Leg. At least, that’s what I ordered. What I got, Wit & Wisdom High Waist Absolution Itty Bitty Boot. Come on, man!!!!!!!!!!! I thought, what the hell? I might as well give them a shot. Shockingly, I love them!!! Perfect length and fit just right in a 12. A little darker rinse than I wanted, but I can dress them up that way. I usually HATE the way high waist pants look on me, but these were flattering. Maybe it’s the slimming technology? Still annoyed they weren’t the jeans that I ordered, but I’ll take the win. Maybe I have a someone watching out for me in Nordstrom’s order fulfillment team?

Image Credit: Nordstrom

With jeans out of the way, I moved onto the sweaters. The Free People Brookside Sweater in black is everything I dreamed it would be. Soft, comfy, cozy, tunic length…just what I wanted. I also love that it’s not super heavy. I got it in a larger but probably could have made do with a medium. I like the bagginess so I’m not exchanging it. So excited to wear this with jeans and boots or leggings and sneakers!

Image Credit: Nordstrom

I love me a good turtleneck sweater. I live in them during the fall and winter. The Treasure & Bond Turtleneck Sweater did not disappoint. I went with a large in the Oatmeal Light Heather. I’ll wear just like the picture shows. Perfect weight that I won’t die when I have a hot flash. I love that I can layer it under blazers and jackets.

Image Credit: Nordstrom

Finally, I tried on the Zodiac Hill Pointy Toe Flat. I ordered these flats to fill a hole in my wardrobe. I have no dark brown flats. I wasn’t thrilled with the texture but would get over that if I liked how they fit & felt. I got them in my standard 10. They were super comfy on, but I didn’t like them. They looked a bit odd, plus they gapped on the sides. Not a winner. I have a feeling if my foot wasn’t so long and narrow these would have been a winner. Back on the hunt for brown flats…

I also ordered a Nike bra but what got delivered was a child’s onesie. Um, no. With that mess up, I had two incorrect products sent. I haven’t had that kind of mess up with Nordstrom before. I kept the jeans, but the onesie definitely went back. Since one mistake worked out in my favor, I’m calling it a draw. I wasn’t as excited with this year’s offerings in the sale. Maybe next time I’ll make out better! Fingers crossed…

How’d you make out during the Anniversary Sale? What was one item you absolutely loved? What about one item you hated? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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