Splurge Vs. Save – Bath Mats

After updating the house, it was time to refresh the bathrooms. We needed new bath mats to go with the new colors of course! I knew I wanted memory foam this time around. My daughter had one and it was much nicer that just having a regular mat. I started searching and came up with a couple that I liked.

Image Credit: Frontgate

Frontgate’s Resort Collection Removable Memory Foam Mat was everything I was looking for. The right colors, all cotton, machine washable, and a non-slip back. However, I just couldn’t get over the price. $139 for one. I needed 5. I just couldn’t stomach paying that much for bath mats. it’s currently on sale for $118.15 over the holiday. Still too much for me.

Image Credit: Target

Since I didn’t want to pay those prices, I started searching around. I found Threshold’s Performance Texture Memory Foam Mat. Again this one was all cotton, machine washable, and non-slip back. Plus it had the rectangle detail which gave it a little more character. It looked a little more polished to me. The real winner $20!! I got the five I need for the less than the price of the one above! My husband even commented that he the new mats were great. Usually he doesn’t pay attention to that stuff, so they must be good. 😉

Do you shop around for bargains or dupes? Do you prefer to grab the first thing you find? Can’t wait to hear from you!! Love, TC

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