Stay hydrated!

Basically if you’re anywhere east of the Mississippi River, you’re under a heat advisory. In this weather it’s so important to stay hydrated. My favorite thing to help with hydration is Liquid I.V.

Image Credit: Amazon

Liquid I.V. helps to rapidly hydrate with the same amount of water. I love that! And it’s only 45 calories. My favorite flavor is the Tangerine, and it has Immune Support. I like the added Vitamin C & Zinc plus it tastes great! Best flavor as far as I’m concerned, but I always like orange.

Image Credit: Amazon

My husband and daughter prefer the Lemon Lime flavor. They always grab that one. Another house favorite is Passion Fruit. We always travel with a couple in our bag. It’s great to stay hydrated, and change up the flavor of your water. I love that I can throw them in my purse.

I’ve seen them given out a conferences to help with hangovers. We’ve used these for over two years and wouldn’t go back to anything else. We’ll probably send their new Energy blend with our daughter to college. As she’ll be in the Alabama in August, she’ll definitely need the extra hydration.

Image Credit: Amazon

You can grab these pretty much anywhere. We get ours either through Amazon or Costco. Walmart, Target, and grocery stores all stock at least one flavor.

How do you stay hydrated? What’s your favorite mix in for water? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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