I don’t do t-shirts.

Let me explain. I have a hard time wearing just a t-shirt and jeans or shorts. I think it’s my broad shoulders. I just look weird in a crew neck t-shirt. I only but v-necks. Then again, I don’t really wear those much either.

I’m always jealous of those that can throw on a t-shirt and go. So I’m excited that I found a new compromise for summer. The Flutter Sleeve Blouse from Target is perfect! And it’s only $15 so grab it in a few colors. I have it in black and white but need the green as well!!

Image Credit: Target

This shirt is perfect. It’s not quite as fitted as a t-shirt which my muffin top appreciates. I like that it’s a little forgiving. Super soft material and very light weight, which is fabulous for summer. This shirt is definitely coming to the beach and Alabama this summer!! I love that it has a v-neck to break up the line of my shoulders. I was afraid the sleeves would emphasize my shoulders, but they drape really well and don’t make them look bigger.

If you’re into matching sets, they have shorts and skirts as well. I did grab the skirt but thinking I might need to add the shorts too. 😎

Image Credit: Target

Are you a t-shirt girl? What’s your go to instead of a t-shirt? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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