Braided for Summer

You’d have to be still hiding from Covid to not know that braided leather sandals are the trend for this summer. While these are a classic look, I’m not sure if they’ll stick around for more than a few years, so I searched to find them at the best price points.

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Absolute favorites are Walmart’s Time & Tru Braided Ankle Strap Sandals. I loved them so much, I had to get them in two colors…black and tan. They have five colors to choose from. I love that they have a memory foam footbed and have no heel so they’re super comfy. I can wear them all day! Since they have the ankle strap, they don’t slip around as much as some of the braided slides. I also like they that they work will with my black linen pants for the office but are super cute with cutoffs and a t-shirt. Did I mention that these are under $15? That’s why I didn’t feel bad about snagging them in two colors.

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My favorite heeled pair is from Target, A New Day’s Basil Heels. Double braids with a square heel make these shoes easy for walking. I can wear them all day at the office or wear them to an outdoor wedding without worrying about sinking into the grass. They come in 8 colors, so you’re guaranteed to find a pair that works for you. They have single braided version as well, but I think the double braid is cuter. The heeled version is under $35.

At these price points you’d be crazy not to grab a pair to stay on trend this summer. What’s your favorite sandal for summer? Do you keep it classy or try the new trends? Do you prefer colors over the standard black & brown? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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