Hand Sanitizer…need I say more?

I was addicted to hand sanitizer prior to the pandemic. I always had it with me. Anyone that ate out with me on a regulate basis automatically stuck their hands out after the order was taken so I could give them their squeeze. In the last year, I’ve used it even more.

Now that I’m in an office full-time, I use it practically every 5 minutes. My hands were getting so freaking dry. A coworker suggested I try the Bath & Body Works sanitizers with essential oils. Thank ya Jesus!! So much better.

My two favorites are White Tea & Sage and Cucumber & Lily. They just put out a peach one that I’ll have to try as well. I like that they both smell fresh and not overly perfumey. The scents don’t Antony my coworkers. And since switching my hands don’t feel as dried out. I’m definitely using less lotion.

I got mine in store. You know I had to smell them first, but you can order online as well. I also got the matching lotion cause ya know, dry skin.

What hand sanitizer is your favorite? Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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