Shave or Wax Part 2

For those of you that can’t stand the thought of waxing, shaving is your best bet. You can check out my older posts for my favorite razor and favorite shave oil. If you’re going to shave that bikini line, below are my two must haves!

First, I love Bikini Zone shave gel. It helps with with irritation because of the emollients in it. It also moisturizes the skin.

I buy it on Amazon.

I like that it stays clear so I can see where I shaving. That helps stop nicks and cuts. My husband uses it on his neck to help stop razor burn.

The other must have is the Plum Beauty Skin Scrubber. It’s a silicone exfoliating tool for your face. It’s gentle enough to use down there. It helps so much in keeping ingrown hairs at bay.

$4.99 at Target.

Since it’s made of silicone it doesn’t collect germs like other scrubbers. It doesn’t pull my skin or irritate it. And it’s the perfect size & shape!

Think you’ll ever switch up from shaving to waxing? Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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