‘Tis the season.

Time to start thinking about holiday cards!!! How is that even possible? The time goes by so freaking fast!! We typically don’t pose for our Christmas cards. It’s usually a picture that we got taken as a family at some function – you know, wedding, birthday, etc.

My absolute favorite one was taken by a family friend at a rehearsal dinner. It was planned or posed. We were chatting as a family and she called for us to take a quick pic. One of my all time favorites of the family!!

Love it!!!

Obviously this year has been a mess for everyone, and we haven’t been anywhere. Plus our oldest has flown the coop so it’s usually just the three of us now. So what am I going to put on this card??? Maybe a pic of our stockpile of toilet paper???

I usually go to Shutterfly, Minted, or Tiny Prints. I’ve used Costco in the past too. I don’t really have a favorite. Determining factor is when I find a card that works with the picture. This year I gotta find a freaking picture first.

And what’s even better then sending them, receiving them!! I love to see everyone’s family photos and how kids have changed over the year. I end up saving most of them and our favorites always end up on the fridge for the next year.

Do you send holiday cards? Pictures or no? Friends & family or everyone you know?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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