Black Friday Starts Now Part 3

Target’s deals this week are on all things Apple. AirPods and Watches are 20% off (approximately $50 off per item). One of my favorite electronic toothbrushes is on sale too.

For those of you that haven’t hopped on the bandwagon, you can get your AirPods and Watch at a great discount. The regular AirPods are $30 off and the AirPods Pro at $50.

Available at Target.
Available at Target.

The Watches range in price from $229.99 to $479.99 depending on options and functionality. They also have multiple colors.

Available at Target.
Available at Target.

I posted awhile ago how my whole family loves our electric toothbrushes. They’ve totally helped get us out of the dentist chair much faster! Our gums are healthier, and our teeth are whiter. Total win in my book! The Oral B Smart 3000 is $20 off during the sale. It’s a must get!

Available at Target.

Any items your hoping go on sale before Black Friday? What’s on your wish list?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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