Tea darling?

Tea is my go to hot drink. I enjoy coffee too but drink tea more than anything. Of course I have my favorites. I usually drink English Breakfast or Earl Grey but I enjoy different flavors as well.

My favorite tea brand is Twinings. I use their k-pods for my Keurig. My go to’s are English Breakfast & Earl Grey but love their Peppermint and Irish Breakfast too. Personally, I prefer mint tea in a bag or loose. I always think it tastes better.

They also have a Nightly Calm blend that’s in bags and really good. Nice and soothing after a long day! I’m not a fan of their sweetened Chai pods but do like their unsweetened version. I drink a lot of that in the winter. My daughter laughs at my because I always say it’s Christmas in a cup.

I used love going to Teavana! Was so bummed when Starbucks bought them and closed the stores. They had some of the best loose leaf tea. My hands down favorite being their White Chocolate Peppermint you could only get around the holidays. I have one can left and I’m hoarding it. It’s the freaking best!!! It’s like a dessert without all the calories!

As for other bagged teas I like Bond but you can only get it in the UK. I’ve never tried having it shipped but should look into. It’s sort of like their version of Lipton tea bags. Another one that’s now available here is Yorkshire Tea. It’s another really good everyday tea. It also works pretty well for iced tea.

What are your favorites? Anything I must try based on the above likes? I’d love to find a replacement for my White Chocolate Peppermint.

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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