Road Trip Part 1

For our vacation this year, we’re driving not flying 😳 We’re splitting the drive up by stopping to see family on the way there and the way back. Hopefully that will keep us from killing one another 😬 I don’t know about you, but when I’m not flying I have a tendency to over pack. I feel like I’m not limited by anything so I bring it all. This time I’m really trying to pack like I would if I was flying; cause when I fly if it doesn’t go carryon, it doesn’t go. I managed a 10 day trip to Italy with carryons only (story for another day).

So for this trip, I’m planning ahead and sticking with a capsule wardrobe. When I fly, I always stick to the same color palette so I bring less and it limits my shoes. I’m going to do the same here. Plus we have a washer/dryer where we’re staying so that helps too!! I start with the items I have to have. In this case we’re headed to the beach so I know I need 2 bathing suits (of course I’m bringing the two from my earlier post). I can’t stand a wet bathing suit so I have to have two. I need the basics – jammies, underwear and a coverup. All those will get tossed in first. I’ll need my beach flip flops and a pair of sandals for going out. After that it’s time to plan my outfits.

I’ll use my same carry one suitcase that I fly with. My husband got it for me years ago and it’s still one of the best & most used presents ever. I have the Briggs & Riley rollerboard. It expands, has a garment bag inside, its lightweight & super sturdy. I love it!! It’s handled all of my travel thus far with no issues. Since I know the bag I’m using, that helps know how much I can take with me.

Another trick to save space – packing cubes. I always thought these were sort of stupid, until I got them. I have a set from eBags. And they actually work. They help compress the clothes and keep everything together. Definitely a great purchase!

To get my outfits sorted, I write down the days that I’m there and figure out what I’ll wear during the day and what I’ll need in the evening. For this trip it will be bathing suits during the day and casual clothes at night. I’ll make sure I have one pair of longer pants, two pairs of shorts and one sweater/sweatshirt cause I get cold in the A/C. Once I have it planned out, I roll everything to put it into the packing cubes. I’ll share the final capsule once I have it together.

This year, we’ll be taking some additional items as well. I’ll make sure we have extra masks packed. I’ll also take some of my own cleaning supplies. When we get to our place, I’ll want to sanitize all the high-touch areas and anything where we’ll have food. (I’ve always traveled with Clorox Wipes and done this anyway – now I do a bit more). I’ll also pack extra hand sanitizer too. Gotta stay safe 😎

What are your travel essentials? How do you get organized? How do you choose your outfits? Do you do anything different if your driving versus flying?

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