Chapstick Everywhere

It’s true. I have it everywhere…my desk, my purse, my computer bag, nightstand – you get the picture. And I have different types for different places. Am I the only one??? I don’t go anywhere without my chapstick and hand sanitizer. 💋

Let’s start with my purse/computer bag. There are always at least 2 in my bag. I have to have the Nivea Mint & Minerals Lip Care and Laneige Glowy Balm. Nivea is my go to for moisture and cooling. My lips burn after spicy foods! It’s the best all around chapstick I’ve found. I also really like their Milk & Honey version.

Milk & Honey is good too!

The Laneige Glowy Balm is my version of lipstick. I like the Berry version as it gives just a tiny hint of color. It smells delicious too!! It can be a bit sticky if you glob it on. Adds great shine and makes me feel a bit more polished. 💄

My desk has more Nivea chapstick. I have to have it on hand at all times! And don’t mix up the purse chapstick with the desk chapstick. Each spot needs to be fully stocked!

On the nightstand, you’ll find more Nivea but also a jar of Lip Medex by Blistex. The last thing I do before going to sleep is slather on the Lip Medex. It’s hands down the best cure for dry, chapped lips. It keeps my lips moisturized all night and helps get rid of any flaky skin. And I don’t travel anywhere in winter without it! I’ve actually used it on my knees and elbows too when they’re super dry. It works every time.

These are my go to’s everyday. I buy lipgloss and lipstick but never wear them. They sit in my makeup drawer. They always look so pretty but I hate having to do touch ups. I told you I was lazy!

And of course my beach/pool bag has a different kind cause I gotta have SPF while I’m lounging! My go to lately has been Hawaiian Tropic Tropical Lip Balm. It stays on well when splashing in the waves or playing at the pool. The flavor isn’t my favorite but it works so I haven’t put too much effort into finding another kind. Any recommendations?

What are your favorites? Are there any I need to try? What do you prefer- gloss, chapstick or lipstick?

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